With state polls barely two years away Baghel takes his report card to the people

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Raipur, May 1

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is set to tour over 250 villages across 90 Assembly constituencies of the state to understand the ground reality in terms of his government's performance. This is Baghel's new way of making the report card of his government.

Before the Congress came to power in 2018, Chhattisgarh was ruled by the BJP for one and a half decades.

Under the leadership of Baghel, the Congress is going to complete about three and a half years in power, and now the Chief Minister is curious to read the mind of the people.

Baghel is starting a new campaign in the state from May 4 to know the reality of how people are assessing the government at the grassroots level. Under the campaign he will visit all the 90 Assembly constituencies. The Chief Minister will visit three villages of each Assembly seat, and will also spend a night in each constituency.

During the visit, he will also have direct communication with the general public and will also take stock of the facilities being provided to the citizens, implementation of the government's schemes and the government works going on in that area.

Apart from this, the Chief Minister will take feedback and opinion from prominent persons and public representatives of the respective area.

Political experts believe that there can be "no better way" to assess the real situation on the ground.

Experts say that when the Chief Minister will reach these villages, it will boost the confidence of the public as well as alert the government machinery. If this happens, the people will get the benefit of the government's schemes in a better way.

It will also help the party in making necessary administrative changes and drawing strategy for the remaining tenure.

Baghel is starting the campaign with the aim of facing the real situation in terms of the performance of his government. Even before the campaign begins, there is restlessness in the political arena on one hand while there is panic among the administrative staff on the other hand.


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