Modi advises BJP MPs to increase social media presence

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New Delhi, April 12

After reviewing social media activities of party MPs on different topics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised them to increase their presence on these platforms.

Interacting with the BJP MPs from different states during the recently concluded budget session, Prime Minister Modi asked them to become more visible and active on social media platforms.

Prime Minister Modi regularly calls meetings during parliament sessions with BJP MPs from different states.

Sources said that during such interactions the Prime Minister discussed social media activities of party MPs and advised them to increase their presence.

A party insider said that social media activities of BJP MPs were reviewed on over a dozen topics and it was found that no one was active on all the parameters set by the Prime Minister Modi.

"There were over a dozen topics and it was reviewed whether the MPs had tweeted on all the topics or not. Surprisingly, it was found that most of the MPs had failed to tweet on all the topics mentioned in the list," he said.

It is learnt that MPs were given the report whether he or she had tweeted or not about the topics identified by the Prime Minister.

"While some were handed over the report in an envelope, while some including senior leaders were pin-pointed by the Prime Minister for tweeting on particular issues or topics. To one senior MP, the Prime Minister said he had not tweeted on a couple of issues. The Prime Minister told them about specific topic they failed to tweet," a party insider said.

Sources said that among the topics on MPs tweets were reviewed included 'Operation Ganga', 'party victory in recent assembly polls', 'vaccine drive for 12 to 14 years', 'countering opposition', 'exposing opposition politics', 'positive media coverage', 'positive op-ed/column', 'updates on BJP', 'promotion of Pariksha Pe Charcha', 'Mann Ki Baat', 'hashtag related content' and others.

"Prime Minister Modi asked MPs to become more visible and active on social media platforms to explain to people about government works," a BJP MP said.


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