Maha Dravyavarthy Sahasra Brahma Kalasabhishekam Matunga Mumbai

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Sajesh Nambiar


The Asthika Samaj is 99 years old and They are celebrating the 100 years in 2023 that is next year, with the Blessing of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri
Sankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Pitam, the Temple attained its full-fledged status through the installation of idols of Lord Sree
Ramachandra, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman in a specially created Garbagriha.  The spiritual growth of the Samaj over the years coupled with the full
support of the devotees enabled the installation of the other deities nameły Lord Karthikeya in 1965, Navagraha Idols in 1967, Lord
Guruvayoorappan in 1974, and Lord Swamy Ayyappan in 1978, by the Thantri of Guruvayoor Temple exactly in the same manner as in Sri
Krishna Temple, Guruvayoor, the ancient Temple in Kerala.

As a result of the installation of the Deities, the divine set up of the Samaj has been enhanced to such an extent that the Samaj is now more popularly known
as "Kochu Guruvayoore". Maha Dravyavarthy Sahasra Brahma Kalasabhishekam is  a very rare and unique Religious Ceremony was performed between 18th November and 25th November. On the evening of 18th November, the tantric ritual ceremony was inaugurated by His Excellency Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Governor, Maharashtra in the presence of Shri P C Dineshan Namboothiripad, Tantri – Guruvayoor Temple, Kerala, and Padma Shri Shankar Mahadevan, Singer, and Musician.

About 80 learned scholars (Namboothiris) had come to perform the above-mentioned Kalasabhishekam. performed in the temple as follows:

mura japam – rig vedam, mura japam – yajur vedam, mura japam – sama vedam, mura dhara, prasada suddhi, rakshogna homam, vasthu homam, vasthu bali, chathur suddhi, maha chathur suddhi, samadhi suddhi, maha panchakam, prayachitha homam, prayachitha homam

Poojas, Rituals, and Dravyams were consecrated on the 1008 Kalashams and Kalashabhishekam was performed on 25th  November 2022. The importance of the above-mentioned Kalasabhishekam is all about invoking the supreme power that is omnipresent in the form of a Vigraha that is consecrated within the temple. Maha Dravyavarthy Sahasra Brahma Kalasabhishekam is done very rarely in Kerala as well as outside the state of Kerala, as it involves elaborate tantrik rituals to be performed by learned scholars.

Some of the Tantric rituals are Mura-japam (Veda japam), Mura-dhara, Prasāda-suddhi-kriyas, Rakshogna homam, Vastu homam and Vastu Bali, Chatuh-suddhi / Mahachatuh-suddhi, Samadhi suddhi, Maha-panchakam, Prayashchittahomam, Shanti homam, Adbutha-Shanti-homam, Shva-Shanti homam & Chora-Shanti-homam, Thathwa-Homam, Thathwa-Kalasha-puja, Thathwa-Kalashabhishekam, Khanda-Brahma-Kalasham, Brahma-Kalasha Puja and others.

In Dravyavarti-Mahakalasha, there is one main Brahma-kalasha surrounded by 24 Khanda-Brahma-Kalasha and 84 Pari-kalashas. This is called one kalasha-kshetra. Nine such kalasha-kshetras make one Dravyavarti-Mahakalasha. Each of the 24 Khanda-Brahma-Kalasha are filled with different Dravyas (medicinal that sustain the body) which are Padyam, Arghyam, Achamam, Gavyam, Ghee, Curd, Honey, Milk, Hot water, Kashayam, Marjanam, Fruits, Yavam, Jewels, Metal, Kusa grass, Perfume, Flowers, Upamana, Datri, Akshata, Tender Coconut water, Sugarcane juice, and Rice water. This ritual completes the sanctifying process of the Deity. Each of these dravyas have different benefits for the deity as well as the devotee offering it and the benefits are:-
“increased intelligence, nourishing the dhatus, pacification of diseases related to internal organs, pacification of evil effects of Sukra (Venus), improvement of health & removal of diseases, improvement of meditation, pacification of the Navagrahas, nourishment of the body and building immunity, prosperity and wealth and education”

It is believed that after the Kalasabhishekam Supreme Deity will be highly pleased by the devotion of the devotees and shower grace on them.

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  1. Sreeja Padmakumar |

    This temple was a favourite place of worship right from my childhood days because of its divinity..but Came to know of its rich history now. . Thanks for providing this valuable information


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