Monsoon hits Kerala 3 days ahead of normal date

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New Delhi, May 29

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has declared the onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala on Sunday, three days ahead of its normal date of June 1.

The news of onset of SW monsoon – termed as the real finance minister of India – over Kerala, is the most awaited news for the agrarian domain across the country as it has a major impact on the domestic economy, including the share markets.

The first prediction was for May 27 with the model error or plus/minus four days. But after that, there was a lot of flip flop by the IMD over its actual date.

But finally, ending the wait, the onset of monsoon was declared on Sunday as the conditions were "favourable", IMD said.

On Thursday, contrary to its earlier prediction of onset of SW monsoon over Kerala on May 27, the IMD had said that it can happen "anytime in this forecasting week (meaning till June 1) and the conditions are being monitored real time." Prior to it, on May 19, the IMD had said that the onset of SW monsoon over Kerala was possible by May 25.


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