PFI to take up legal battle of Muslims targeted by Hindu activists police in states

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Bengaluru, April 15

Popular Front of India (PFI) will take up the legal battle for the victims of Muslim community allegedly attacked by Hindu activists and police personnel in the recent past especially during Ram Navami festivities across India.

Anees Ahmad, National General Secretary of PFI said on Friday that PFI legal cells in all states especially in BJP-ruled states are approaching victims in this regard.

"In Rajasthan, the process has started and in Madhya Pradesh soon our legal counsels would meet victims from the community. The cases will be filed in a week or two," he explained.

PFI legal cell, he said, has handled high profile Hadiya case in Kerala and Muzaffarnagar riots case in Uttar Pradesh.

"In all states, our legal teams will approach victims and provide them legal aid. They will identify the best lawyers for them and help them with documentation, so that there is a good chance of them getting justice and compensation," he stated.

"We are finding that Muslim victims are targetted by governments especially in BJP-ruled states. Stringent cases like the UAPA are being filed against Muslims. While RSS workers who indulge in violence are only filed with petty cases, Muslims are being thrown behind bars for years. The state is not doing its duty of providing legal justice," he said.

A.K. Ashraf, State Secretary for PFI, Karnataka, speaking to IANS said that during the festivities and processions organised during Ram Navami celebrations, Muslim community members were provoked and targeted. "There was deliberate flashing of swords, fire was put, the procession stopped and DJ music was played to provoke Muslims. We are approaching the courts," he said.

He further informed that PFI leaders and workers will visit the houses of victims. "We will lend them our support and legal assistance to fight their cases. The connivance of policemen across the country has been more visible. The police were mute spectators, did not make any attempts to prevent the crowd. There is a dearth of honest police officers," he said.

The Muslims have been targeted in nine states including Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Bihar and Karnataka. There is a big crisis in Madhya Pradesh. It is a failure on parts of respective state governments. In many places saffron flags have been hoisted on mosques. What is the punishment given to him, he questioned.

PFI had earlier charged that the police department is adopting a soft approach on Hindu activists who are targeting Muslims. National General Secretary Anees Ahmad had earlier alleged that police are encouraging the miscreants to indulge in violence against Muslims. The self-confidence of Muslims has come down because of a series of developments and it needs to be lifted up, he had said.


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