Apple s upcoming AR headset reportedly delayed till 2023

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San Francisco, April 14

Tech giant Apple has reportedly delayed its augmented reality (AR) headset and will likely only launch at the beginning of the next year.

Supply chain constraints and the fact that the tech giant does not want to release its first AR device in limited stock forced the company to push back the date again, reports GSMArena.

Initial expectations sit at around 1 to 1.5 million sales in the first year, which is quite an ambitious goal, the report said.

Although AR and VR glasses are not a new thing, Apple's solution, which is tipped to cost around $2,000, will be the first one in the premium segment and that's another reason not to release the device in limited quantities from the start.

A recent report said that the headset would feature advanced micro OLED displays.

Micro-OLED displays are built directly onto chip wafers rather than a glass substrate, which results in displays that are thinner, smaller, and more power-efficient.

Micro OLED displays have a much faster microsecond response time which is good for AR and VR applications.


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