Cloud based digital solutions to empower Indian ITeS sector Experts

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New Delhi, May 17

Cloud-based digital solutions will enhance agility, empower hybrid workspaces and facilitate intellectual property (IP)-led innovation for the information technology-enabled services (ITeS) sector in India that has been at the forefront of digital transformation and enterprises, industry experts said on Tuesday.

The Indian IT industry has grown by 13-14 per cent and the consumption of technology has nearly grown by 7-8 per cent.

According to CP Gurnani, CEO and Managing Director, Tech Mahindra, the pandemic increased the rate of technology adoption since we had to go virtual.

"As a business, you need to anticipate the technology evolution and ways to improve the process. The easiest way to do it is to evolve faster into business transformation, software-as-a-service (SaaS), metaverse, or employee experience management," he told Anant Maheswari, President of Microsoft India, in a fireside chat during the company's 'Future Ready Industry' event.

Sanjeev Singh, Chief Operations Officer Wipro said that cloud is the biggest opportunity and has the biggest momentum where it has evolved from an infrastructure or service solution to become a platform as a service or software as a service.

"The flexibility it provides around scalability, security, speed to market, is immense and Azure plays a significant role in this space," he added.

Janardhan Santhanam, Global Head-Talent Development, TCS said that the pandemic and the secure borderless workspace model have "helped the industry and us move from just doing physical or virtual or 'phygital' to optimising the blend of physical and virtual in a very contextual way based on what purpose we want to solve".

In the case of revenue acceleration, "digital has helped modernise inside sales, provided better strategies for pursuit enablement as well as a unified customer view while enabling the convergence of customer insights, which helps the sales team", added Nitin Bhatt, Technology Sector leader at EY.


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