Huge emphasis on IT sector in Kerala budget new IT park at Kannur

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Thiruvananthapuram, March 11

 Kerala Finance Minister K.N. Balagopal on Friday said that the Information Technology sector prospered even during the pandemic and has seen a surprising growth in job opportunities. He was presenting the state budget in the assembly.

"Considering this, the government intends to set up four IT Corridors parallel to NH 66 which is being developed as a four lane highway. These four corridors will begin from the existing IT centres in Kerala. A new IT park will be set up in Kannur. For the IT Corridor extension, IT facility covering an area of 5,00,000 sq.ft will be set up in Kollam," he said.

He informed that Satellite IT parks will be established on 15-25 acres of land in the proposed corridor and 20 small parks covering an area of 50,000 to 2 lakh sq.ft are intended to be built on the acquired land.

"The government will initiate expeditious steps to bring 5G system to the state. There are unique favourable factors which help our state to reach the forefront of 5G revolution. Kerala is in the forefront after Delhi in terms of internet mobile expansion.

"Almost 60 per cent of our people have smartphones. Mobile network service is available in 100 per cent areas of the state. The government aims to make Kerala a leading state in the country in terms of 5G global revolution," Balagopal added.

He highlighted that industrialists voiced concern that they are not getting enough trained people for IT as well as for non-IT industries.

"We, therefore, intend to implement a six-month internship training programme for educated candidates in IT and other industrial institutions. The interns will be provided a monthly stipend up to Rs 5,000 as government contribution and appointing institutions should also spend at least the same amount. On completion of the internship, the institutions can appoint the competent people. In the current year, assistance will be provided to 5,000 people for internship," he said.

Adding that a common facilitation programme will be held in Technopark and Info Park, which is capable of providing the training required for companies, Balagopal said: "Along with this, a pool of teachers and trainers will be prepared. This will help provide the required type of training to the institutions. Around Rs 20 crore is set apart for this project. The concept of work from home may prevail and continue on a large scale even in the post-Covid period.

"We may utilise the possibility of working online from villages and small towns for companies across the globe. Like 'work from home', 'work near home' concept is also getting acceptance. When IT based employment centres become operational across the state, the educated, including housewives, can have jobs. An amount of Rs 50 crore has been earmarked for this project."


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