India will lead this transition from fossil fuels to Green and Clean Energy Mukesh Ambani

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New Delhi, Feb 23

 India will lead this transition from fossil fuels to Green and Clean Energy and become a major resource of Solar and Hydrogen Energy in the coming decades, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) said.

"It's an opportunity worth seizing as we march from the 75th anniversary of India's Independence to its Centenary in 2047," Ambani said during a conversation with R.A. Mashelkar, President, Pune International Centre, as part of the Asia Economic Dialogue 2022.

The climate crisis is an existential crisis for the Earth, and the entire world must overcome this crisis with the highest level of cooperation and partnership, he said.

The world must make a rapid transition from old energy to new energy, which is necessary for mankind's larger transition from an industrial revolution to an ecological or earth friendly revolution, Ambani said.

"Our young and super-talented entrepreneurs will make India a Green Energy Superpower in the next 20 years, in the same that India became an IT Superpower in the last 20 years."

Reliance is deeply committed to playing the leading role in creating India's Green Economy with large-scale generation of green employment opportunities, he added.

Ambani said for the next 2-3 decades, India's dependence on coal and imported oil will continue.

"But, we must have a plan to eliminate that in the next 2-3 decades. Hence, in the near and medium term, we will have to follow low -carbon, and bo-carbon strategies of development.

"I believe that India will be among the fastest growing large economy and our energy needs are going to double in next couple of decades.

"India will overtake the European Union as the world's third-largest economy. In my view, by sometime around 2030-2032.

"I foresee at least 20-30 new Indian companies in the energy and tech space which will grow as big as Reliance, if not bigger, in the next 10-20 years," Ambani added.


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