IT admins can soon send alerts to employees on Windows 11 desktops

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San Francisco, April 6

IT admins will soon be able to send organisational messages and important alerts to Windows 11 PCs which will appear on a lock screen, desktop or above the taskbar.

IT admins can configure these messages in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and customize how messages appear, who sees them, and how frequently they appear, reports The Verge.

A company logo can appear alongside the message, and they can also include web links to company URLs.

These could be useful to alert employees to something which is important to the company and its workers.

"With the shift to hybrid workplaces, we can see that organizations need to better connect with employees in a way that is tailored to individual situations," said Heena Macwan, principal group product manager for Windows.

"In a future release we will enable IT to target specific users with organizational messages that can appear on Windows surfaces such as a lock screen, desktop, or above the taskbar," Macwan was quoted as saying.

Microsoft earlier used similar pop-up messages to woo Windows users into using new Edge browser.


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