Some BMWs shipping without Android Auto CarPlay amid chip shortage

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San Francisco, May 8

Due to the current chip shortage, luxury automobile manufacturer BMW is reportedly shipping some of its cars without Android Auto and CarPlay.

Starting in 2019 and expanding in 2020, nearly every model of BMW has included full support for Android Auto.

However, some customers have found that their newly purchased BMW does not support Android Auto or Carla, citing media reports, 9To5Google reported.

According to a statement from BMW, the missing functionality is due to the ongoing chip shortage that has affected nearly every industry that uses electronics.

In order to get the cars to their destinations on schedule, BMW changed suppliers and began using a chip that does not yet have an appropriate software for Android Auto or CarPlay use, the report said.

Luckily, this is only a temporary issue for the affected car owners, as BMW has said to Automotive News Europe that these vehicles will receive an over-the-air (OTA) update "by the end of June at the latest" bringing full Android Auto and CarPlay capabilities.


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