Varanasi B Com student develops solar cooling belt to replace refrigerators

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Varanasi, May 1

Aanchal Singh, a student from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's parliamentary constituency of Varanasi, has developed a 'Solar Cooling Bottle Belt', which can remove the hassle of buying a refrigerator or ice for cooling a bottle of water.

Aanchal's father, a resident of Varanasi, works at a fuel pump station in Maharashtra's Kalyan city. She is also pursuing her first year B.Com there. But these days she is in Varanasi.

Impressed by Modi's 'Make in India' initiative, she has manufactured the 'Solar Cooling Bottle Belt' to cool the water in summer.

This device is fastened like a clock to any water bottle or cold drink bottle.

The device-fitted bottle can be placed in the sun for it to work and cool the water. It can be easily used by people travelling on motorcycles and cycles in strong sunlight. They will get cold water to drink even in harsh summer. With the help of this device, you can cool the water bottle kept with you. It takes about an hour to cool a liter of water.

When asked about its technical details, Aanchal said that this device has a thermal cooling plate with a solar cooling fan. The thermal cooling plate sticks to the outer surface of the water bottle. After that the solar attached to the cooling belt gets sunlight and it starts the work of cooling the water filled in the bottle. The brighter the sun, the quicker the water will cool down.

It took two months for Aanchal to make this device and spent some Rs 3,000-4,000.

She said a 6 volt solar plate, thermal cooling plate, 6 volt cooling fan, rubber belt and bottle have been used in this device. To further improve the cooling belt, MIET College Atal Community Innovation Centre in Meerut has promised to help.

Puneet Agarwal, Vice-Chairman of the college said: "We are always ready to promote this type of innovation. Solar energy, used as an alternative energy, is now becoming an important part of our energy needs. In view of its increasing demand, new experiments are being done in this field as well. This is a very cool invention that will keep the bottle cold without electricity."

Regional Scientific Officer Mahadev Pandey appreciated this innovation of Aanchal. "It is said that solar energy is very friendly for the environment. This system is completely based on sunlight and does not cause any pollution. Electricity bill can be reduced. Many people will benefit from such innovation."

Since it is not very expensive, the device can be easily bought by those who find it difficult to buy a refrigerator, says Aanchal.


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