Don t exhibit aggressive behaviour at railway stations Indian Embassy

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New Delhi, Feb 28

 The Indian Embassy has advised the country's nationals in Ukraine to remain calm and not to exhibit aggressive behaviour at the railway stations. "We expect delays in trains' schedules, even cancellation at times and long queues. Indian students are requested to carry their passport, sufficient cash, ready to eat meals, and easy accessible winter clothing and only essential items to ensure easy mobility," the Embassy said in the second advisory of the day.

The advisory comes as the weekend curfew was lifted in the Ukraine capital paving the way for the stranded Indian nationals to move to safe and secure locations amidst intense fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian armies for the past five days. "All students are advised to make their way to the railway station for onward journey to the western parts," the advisory read.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensified in the early hours of Thursday after Russian forces launched a major assault on Ukraine, firing missiles on cities and military installations and posing a serious threat to the Indian citizens residing there. Since then, India has begun evacuating its citizens from the war-torn region.

The Embassy said that both the civilians and the authorities in Ukraine have been remarkably supportive in facilitating evacuation efforts of Indian citizens, especially considering the critical and dangerous times. "You are all requested to respect these sentiments," the advisory read.

Earlier on Sunday, Indian citizens in the war-torn country's areas where curfew has been imposed, were advised not to venture towards railway stations until and unless the curfew is lifted. As the weekend curfew was lifted on Monday, a huge rush of people could be seen at railway stations as everyone tried to move to safer areas.

The Embassy informed that Ukrainian Railways is also operating special trains for the evacuation of people free of charge, on a first come first serve basis at the railway stations and for which tickets are not required. The Embassy added that it is closely monitoring the developing situation especially in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has agreed to hold talks with Russia at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border near the Pripyat river. As per the latest reports, talks between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations are currently underway.


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