Hill Station in the South Coonoor

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Shazneen Mistry


Coonoor is a hill station in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a serene, plantation experience, with a lot of nature, birds, and a few wildlife. Coonoor's panoramic views and lush green landscapes make it worth a visit.

This is a famous honeymoon destination of India and can be visited at literally any time during the year and it is quite lovely because of its beautiful hills, the scenic beauty, and the temperature which is quite cool all year long. This region doesn’t receive any snow but sees rainfall which makes the environment over here quite pleasant. 

Life in Coonoor is a testament to the cultural richness, grandeur, and scenic beauty. Waking up to the verdant hills of Coonoor, covered partially by the murky clouds, in a home surrounded by an inordinate variety of wildflowers, birds, and waterfalls, is the closest one can come to experiencing heaven on earth.

This beautiful region is known for its tea estates in the surrounding Nilgiri hills. Sim’s Park is a sprawling public garden with plants like rhododendrons, roses, and eucalyptus trees. Dolphin’s Nose is a vantage point with views of the cascading Catherine Falls. The steam.

This exquisite hill station holds the honorary mention of being the second largest hill station in the region, which is nestled in the Nilgiris. This region is famous for the Nilgiri Mountain Railways- which connects the towns of Mettupalayam and Ooty via Coonoor, Nilgiri Tea and Bird watching is a popular pastime activity here.

Other activities would include- A trek to the Hidden Valley; a Family picnic at Sim's Park; a Road trip to Lamb’s Rock; a swim in the Catherine Falls; a hike to the Law's Falls and an educational tour in the Tea factory.

Things To Buy in Coonoor include- Tea of several varieties such as ginger tea, chocolate tea, lemon tea, and many more. Another popular thing to buy in Coonoor is its local chocolates which are just too tasty to miss out on. Last and certainly not least, the Gourmet Cheese is a must-buy for all you cheese lovers.

Currently, this beautiful destination is open for travel, but the Tamil Nadu government has said that e-pass is mandatory for people to travel. They have also asked the tourist to observe all the safety rules and norms to prevent oneself from Covid so that they can all have fun on the trip and not worry about getting sick. Wearing a mask and keeping a social distance is a must at all times.


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