Why India is a must see place at least once in your life time

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Anupama Nair

India is known as the “spiritual guru” of the world. In India, “spiritualism is not an obsession of the human mind, rather it is a heritage as well as a continuous tradition”. India is famous for her culture, civilization, traditions, literature and epics, ancient medicine – Ayurveda, Yoga , ancient scientific theses like gravitation, atomic theory (later proved by modern science), ancient temples and holy cities, you imagine and we have it all.  However, the greatness of Indian culture, especially “spiritualism” have contributed a lot —connecting the spirit of Indians throughout the ages. As a result, the spiritual-minded Indians have succeeded in maintaining their Indianness which could not have been possible otherwise. Indian life is dominated by personality which is well linked to spiritualism.

The Vedas offer spiritual direction to the Indians giving them the basics of spiritual and moral life. Our rishis should be applauded as the earliest spiritual masters on earth as their mantras resound with the seed of spiritualism, and India can be called the “cradle of spiritualism and civilization”.

India is a vivacious land of staggering contrasts where “both the traditional and modern worlds meet”. We are the world's seventh largest country by area and the second largest in terms of population. India has a rich heritage that's “the result of centuries of different cultures and religions leaving their mark”. What travelers to my country prefer to do is have the opportunity to “experience an array of sacred sites and spiritual encounters, while nature lovers will enjoy its sun-kissed beaches, lush national parks, and exciting wildlife sanctuaries” – all in all a great package .

Many say “India is very diverse, probably the most diverse country that you will find on this planet. We have the second coldest places in the world – Drask, a place that has the highest rainfall in world – Cherapunji, and also one of the driest places on the Earth – The Thar Desert. Then the peninsula is home to beautiful beaches, and in contrast the northern part of India hosts snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Mix all this with different cultures and hundreds of languages and dialects, you have got a potent mix of diversity”. No wonder tourists flock to India!

There are many reasons you need to visit ‘Incredible India’ at least once in your lifetime. Here they are:

  • It is affordable.
  • India boasts of rich culture.
  • India has many places called ‘photographic scenery’.
  • We have one of the most delicious food to tempt your tastes.
  • A trip on our extensive railways is treat.
  • A stay on shikhara or house boats is best in the world.
  • We have many festivals which attract international tourists.
  • The ‘seven sisters’ or seven north-eastern states are places to visit.
  • India’s temple architecture is worth seeing.
  • India’s palaces are so beautiful and full of splendor.
  • India’s street life is sure to be amazing.

So, I would suggest coming to ‘Incredible India’ for a trip of a lifetime.

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