Vasanthotsavam celebration returns after Covid

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Palakkad: With the normalcy returning following the significant dip in Covid cases nationwide, and after a gap of two years, Sree Kalyana Prasanna Venkatachalapathy temple at Kumarapuram village at Palakkad , celebrated a eleven-day Vasanthotsavam from April 14 to 24. According to Legend, the Vasanthotsavam festival was started during the period of King Achyutaraya in the 1460s. This annual fete was believed to have been introduced by the King to mark the arrival of Spring Season. Lord and his Consorts are given an aromatic bath on these festival days which is believed to give a soothing relief to the deities from the scorching Sun.

During the festival Vadaparayanam and Balaji Sangeethotsavam were performed on all days. Grama Pradakshanam of Lord Balaji and his two divine consorts were taken around  accompanied by beating of drums called “Chandai” decorating the Lord in different forms like Hamsa, Simha, Hanuman ,Garuda, Adisesha and Elephant Vahanams.

There was also Kuthirai Ottam on one day evening. Well decorated Ratham(Chariot) with the utsava idol of Lord Balaji, pulled by devotees was taken in procession during the day. The Ratham, according to Legends indicated Body, Mind is Sarathi, ropes were Mind and charioteer is Knowledge. It is said  that this is  not just a festival but a ritual which sowed the seeds of devotion and spirituality among devotees.

Before the  Venkatesa Perumal Thirukalyanam on the concluding day, the processional deities Lord Balaji and his consorts Sri Devi and Sri Bhudevi  were  taken  around , carried by devotees. The entire village celebrated this occasion bursting crackers. Devotees enjoyed the feasts on all days.

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