Kerala born Parvathy a lyricist enters 100th year

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Very few see 100 years in their life. Mumbaikar Parvathy Seshanandan is one of them who completed 99 years and entered her 100th year on April 24. On this day she felicitated around 100 priests and brahmins who recited Shlokas from all four Vedas—Rig, Yajur ,Sama and Atharva Vedas.

Kerala- Thiruppanithura born , and educated in a Girls High School, Parvathy ammal lives in Mumbai since her marriage in 1940, is well versed in four languages including, Tamil, Malayalam, English and Sanskrit. She was the only student who took Sanskrit as a subject in the school. Though she wanted to continue for her graduation, she was not sent by her father Rama Iyer, since the college was situated far away from her house and it involved multiple travel modes. 

The centenarian  is a keen devotee of Lord Ayyappa and has been writing lyrics in honour of various deities. She said she has been writing and singing her composition over the last 70 years but never thought of going public till she was 95 year-old when she released her first CD and distributed it to her friends and relatives. She had composed nearly 35 songs in praise of Lord Ayyappa, Lord Subrahmanya and Goddess Devi . “ Even recently at  the age of 99 my mother composed and sung a song based on human philosophy as  she is living a life  based on the principles of Vedanta” said her daughter Kalyani Tripurasundari who has come from Bahrain for this function.

Parvathy ammal’s son Mr. S.Sivasubramanian said his mother has been visiting Sabarimala for 35 years. On April 24  at Sree Sankara Mattham, Matunga, Mumbai, she celebrated the day with her close relatives and friends, hearing the Vedic chanting by learned scholars.

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  1. ????Saadara Pranamam at the feet of most revered Amma!
    With the grace of God and blessings of Guruparampara May she continue to live a happy & healthy life inspiring our younger generation! With love&regards, Unnikrishnan & Lakshmy

  2. Glad a Kerala born sister has begun her 100th year journey. I pray God Ayyappa (Mahavishnu) to give her many more years to live and write lyrics.


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