Modify ads resembling Britannia s Good Day biscuits Delhi HC to Parle

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New Delhi, April 22

The Delhi High Court has asked Parle Biscuits to modify two of its advertisements by blurring the image of cookies resembling Britannia's Good Day butter cookies, granting relief to the latter in its suit for permanent injunction and damages against the former.

A bench of Justice Prathiba M Singh directed Parle to ensure modification in their advertisements by blurring the image of the cookies within two weeks.

"It is directed that the defendants shall ensure that within two weeks from now, the impugned Advertisement No.2 and Advertisement No.3 shall be modified with the blurred image of the cookie and the currently used cookie image would be no longer visible in the said advertisements on any online platforms from May 1, 2022, onward," the order passed on April 19 read.

As per the case, defendant Parle was promoting their cookies 'Parle-20-20' by denigrating, defaming, and disparaging the plaintiff Britannia Good Day Butter Cookies/Good Day range of cookies.

After the submissions, the court observed that counsel for both parties have conferred with each other and on instructions from their clients.

"It is submitted by Mr. Bhardwaj, counsel for the defendants, that in both the advertisements there is no issue of packaging that exists, however, insofar as the cookie design is concerned, in order to ensure that the grievance of the plaintiff is redressed, the defendants are willing to blur the cookie image in the said two advertisements. This is agreeable to plaintiff," the order said.


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