Nvidia likely testing high end RTX 40 series GPUs

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San Francisco, April 22

US-based chipmaker Nvidia is reportedly testing a high-end Nvidia RTX 40-series graphics processing unit (GPU).

According to Windows Central, the latest information stems from a recent tweet by well-known leaker.

"Ignore these fanboys, let's turn our attention to GPU. AD102 has started testing," said Kopite7kimi.

While it is unknown which specific graphics card the tweet is referring to, it is believed to be one of Nvidia's upcoming high-end 40-series GPUs, the report said.

Experts expect the RTX 40-series to release at some point this year, likely in the fall, it added.

"Ada Lovelace" is said to be the name of Nvidia's next-generation GPU architecture.

Assuming reports and rumours are correct, the RTX 40-series GPUs should be among the best graphics cards on the market, the report said.

The RTX 40-series GPUs will be made with TSMC's 5-nanometer process, based on previous reports. Moving to the 5nm process, as well as other changes, should enable Nvidia to produce a stronger lineup better equipped to deal with the current market than what the RTX 30-series graphics cards managed.

A software leak from March 2022 hinted that five RTX 40-series GPUs were on the way, which will range from an RTX 4050 to an RTX 4090.


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