Meenu Gems opens seventh

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Media Eye News Bureau: Meenu Gems Pvt. Ltd has opened its 7th Show room in Korum Mall, Thane Mumbai. Meenu Gems has around 37 Showrooms all over the country….Gokul Menon writes about Meenu Gems Pvt. Ltd and its new expansions.

Meenu Gems Pvt. Ltd. was established on September 26, 2014 and has more than 35+ showrooms all over the country. The vision and determination of Mohan Nair and Radhika Nair, the Director of Meenu Gems Pvt. Ltd has helped the company to establish their brand.

Meenu Gems as a brand officially offered jewellery but now, Meenu Mart is into cosmetics of its own brand, as well as other brands and is into clothing as well as certified gem stones and silver. It is a one-stop shop for a woman.

Meenu Mart also opened an online web portal Further, the company intends to showcase its state-of-the-art products at various exhibitions across the country. The products are designed to suit the clients of all ages and class in the society.

Today, gold and diamond is considered to have enormous value and are great for investment purposes. Gold has been treasured throughout history for its natural beauty and radiance. While, yellow gold jewellery is still popular, today, gold is available in a diverse palette as well due to the process of mixing other metals with pure 24 carat gold, also known as alloying, thereby giving it more durability and also changing its colour.

While the weight of gold is measured in troy ounces, its purity is measured in carats. Caratage is the measurement of purity of gold alloyed with other metals. The minimum caratage for an item to be called gold varies by country.

However, people believe that gold is the most expensive materials in the world but this is not the case as diamond is factually the most precious stone in the world as diamonds are priced per carat. Diamonds come in different colours and cuts and are majorly used for making gem stones and adding a beautifying element to jewellery. It is also used for industrial cutting and polishing tools as well.

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