The Kashmir Files brought out true history of valley Gadkari

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New Delhi, April 5

 Union Minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said that the film 'The Kashmir Files' has brought out true history of the valley and the film will be remembered for long. It will awaken the conscience of everyone, he added.

The minister was speaking at an event organised by the Global Kashmir Diaspora for felicitating the film's director and its starcast on Tuesday.

Congratulating Vivek Agnihotri for bringing out the history through the film, Gadkari said, "our past history and culture teaches us in best way in the present."

"Most importantly, the study of past in present time gives us a vision and ideology for future building," said Union Minister.

He said that due to several reasons, the true picture of the history was not being presented to the common citizens. But a truth can't be concealed. Agnihotri has done commendable work to bring out the true history which will give new way to the new generation, added the minister.

"What Agnihotri has depicted in his film, there is one more historical truth that if any country has 51 per cent population of fundamentalists, there will be no democracy, no socialism and no secularism. Tolerance is the main feature of Indian culture and traditions which can be felt while watching the movie," Union Minister Gadkari said.

Gadkari said that post independence, the term 'Secularism' was the epicentre for politics. However, the true meaning of secularism is justice for all and appeasement of none.

Agnihotri and his team have effectively presented the true picture of injustices that Kashmiri Pandits have been victims of, he added.



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