ISRO likely to probe mystery objects sky fall in Maharashtra s Chandrapur

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Chandrapur, April 5

The ISRO is likely to send a team of experts to probe the reports of certain objects that allegedly fell from the sky here in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district last week, sparking shock and awe among the locals, officials said.

Chandrapur Collector Ajay Gulhane told IANS that he had requested the ISRO to investigate the incident soon after it happened.

However, the ISRO has still not confirmed whether it will send a probe team, he added.

Social media posts attributed to ISRO said that inputs from various sources were received on the mysterious flashing lights seen in the sky during the evening of April 3 in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

A object were recovered from a field in Pawanpar village.

According to the district authorities, the two objects, a metal ring and a cylinder-like object, were found in two villages in Sindevahi tehsil – the iron ring from Ladhbori and the cylinder-like object, measuring around 12-18 inches from Pawanpar – by the locals, around 7.30 p.m. on Sunday.

Gulhane even informed the Disaster Management authorities and the ISRO, and dispatched local revenue teams to survey all villages in the region for any more such objects fallen from the sky.

A Mumbaikar, Pradeep S. Menon also reported he had seen "some longish, burning, unidentified object" piercing through the dusk sky, and similar sightings were reported from Buldhana, Akola, Jalgaon, Chandrapur in Maharashtra and other district of Madhya Pradesh.

There was wild speculation on social media whether they were meteorites hurtling towards the Earth, or debris from rocket boosters that may have crashed after a launch, and that the objects had some foreign-language markings, but there was no confirmation or explanation by officials or experts as of now.


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