Boys in UP school complain of girls bullying them

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Aurraiya, May 11

Male students in a Navodaya school in Uttar Pradesh's Aurraiya district have written a letter to their principal complaining about girls in their class bullying them.

In the letter, the boys studying in class 7 wrote that they would like the girls to apologise to them for calling them names.

They girl students use words like 'lalla', stupid and even have nicknames for some of the boys 'rasgulla' and 'daamar' (black asphalt).

According to the letter which has one viral on social media, the girls also make noise and sing in the class preventing the boys from studying.

The letter also contains the names of the girls who seem to be bullying the boys.

School authorities have said that the issue has been taken care of with the intervention of the parents of all the individuals in the class and the girls, boys, and their parents have also been briefed about this situation.

A teacher from the school said that after the letter, the girls were also counselled in their respective hostels.

She also said that since then the matter was resolved and there have been no more complaints from either the girls' or the boys' side.


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