“1000 Cr Scam-couple arrested after a 6-month hunt”

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Ashesh Mehta and Shivangi Lad Mehta, the scam couple and proprietors of Bliss Consultants, Mumbai had done a scam duping 6000 investors of their hard-earned money have been arrested by the EOW , said Krishna Hegde Ex MLA who has been relentlessly following up the stock broking scam case since the last 6 months. Hegde was the 1st to file an FIR. The same case was then transferred to the EOW. “There are 151 complainants who have joined the FIR filed by me, said Hegde.


Hegde spoke to Jt CP Nishith Mishra on Tuesday  26th December and he had assured Hegde that the EOW would soon arrest the couple. “I have received calls from overseas numbers and some videos went viral  accusing me of sexual violence , gun totting but I am not the one to be deterred. I had received a lot of flak throughout the 6 months from the scamsters cronies. These people tried every trick in the book to stop me from pursuing the case” ,said Hegde.

Hegde again spoke to Nishith Mishra ji and thanked him and his team which included Investigating Officer PI Mahendra Sawardekar. Ashesh Mehta will have to give an undertaking that he will pay off the investors’ money in a phased manner. The details will be worked out by the EOW. There are MPID and other cases filed on him and his wife. EOW will ensure that those who have filed complaints will receive funds after the EOW will release the frozen funds.

Hegde also thanked CM Shri Eknath Shinde ji for directing that Bliss funds be frozen and also declared a look-out notice so that Ashesh Mehta and Shivangi Lad Mehta  could not flee the country.Hegde also thanked Deputy CM Shri Devendra Fadnavis who he had helped him in this case at all levels. Hegde appreciated the efforts of Mumbai Police  Commissioner Shri Vivek Phansalkar, Special Police Commissioner Shri Deven Bharti and specially Joint Commissioner EOW Shri Nishith Mishra who were instrumental in heading the investigation process and also in initiating the arrests.

“I had spoken to Nishith Mishra ji today and he said he will work on freezing the accounts of Bliss and slowly  the complainants can start receiving the money. “ said Hegde. “These kind of financial scamsters will not be allowed to run away with of the hard-earned money of investors.

There is also a money trail of Rs. 180 Cr which has been transferred to his relatives and accomplices which needs to be investigated apart from the Rs 165 Cr worth of funds and properties that have been frozen. We will not be able to disclose the finer details of the case but it is certain that Truth has prevailed”. “ Satyameva Jayate “ Hegde added.


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