Happy and grateful while I heal Shruti Haasan recovering from Covid

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Chennai, March 3

Shruti Haasan, who is fast recovering from Covid, says that she is happy and grateful for all the love that's being showered with by her friends.

Taking to Instagram, Shruti wrote, "Happy and grateful while I heal !! I'm a few cups of medicinal tea away from being A ok … I hope !

"This Covid fatigue is properly real. Vitamins, water, good thoughts and a dose of being that b will get you through anything it seems.

"Checking in to say 'Thank you' for all your love and I'm sending you mine. My friends have been beyond wonderful showing me that we truly choose friends as family — so much yummy khaana and love and pampering.

"p.s – I didn't realise my hair is so frizzy .. Also what should I expect post Covid ? Dos and don'ts?? Lemme know."

The actress, on Sunday, announced that she had tested positive for Covid.


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