Indian Coaches to Participate in the Prestigious Hong Kong International Martial Arts Festival

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International Wushu Kungfu and Tai Chi Federation of India have invited two young Indians, Anuj Pandey and Devendra Karle, both distinguished International Kung Fu Wushu Coaches, to the prestigious 19th Hong Kong International Martial Arts Festival to be held in Hong Kong from August 16 to 19, this year.

Significantly, both Masters have acquired advanced expertise in the art of Kungfu Wushu at prestigious training centres in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Their rigorous training lasted six months and was overseen by Charles Sutanto, the renowned 2014 World Champion.

Certified as trainers and coaches by Preswwssz Arewa  Asstigious institutions in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Anuj and Devendra have showcased their skills and dedication through various accolades and awards.

Their notable achievements include being honoured as Mumbai Police self-defence trainers, where they conducted extensive training sessions for 200 female police officers under the Nibharya Pathak stage initiative.

Additionally, they received recognition from the Airport Authority of India for imparting self-defence training to Indian Commandos (CSF) and their staff, earning the esteemed Commando Trainer Award.

The Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, where the total number of participants exceeds 65000,  and is also known as the Wushu Olympic Games, has taken place 18 times, with athletes from 41 nations and areas in China, including Russia, France, Canada, and the United States.


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