Pakistan terms India s claims on nuclear proliferation dubious

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Islamabad, Jan 29

 Pakistan has termed India's statement about its disbarment record as "dubious", accusing New Delhi for being responsible for pioneering nuclear proliferation in South Asia and flaring up regional and global tension.

"It is India which dealt a death blow to the non=proliferation norms by conducting its first nuclear test in 1974, followed by additional nuclear tests in 1998," said Pakistani delegate Mohammad Omar told the Conference on Disarmament, now in session in Geneva.

Omar said that India conducted the test by diverting material from CIRUS reactor, which he said was in violation of its safeguards commitments to the suppliers.

The delegate's comments came in response to Indian Ambassador Pankaj Sharma's statement, in which, he criticised the Pakistani counterpart for raising the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, relating it to bilateral and regional issues.

Sharma had claimed that New Delhi's contribution to disarmament, coupled with its credentials were praiseworthy.

He also that Jammu and Kashmir was integral part of India and accused Pakistan for being deliberately involved in exporting terrorism.

Exercising his right of reply, Omar, who is the First Secretary at the Pakistan Mission to the UN in Geneva, pointed out that India had always opposed formalisation of a moratorium on nuclear tests in South Asia.

"Despite its ritualistic support to the so-called FMCT (Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty), India has neither declared a moratorium on fissile material production nor created it. In fact, India continues to exponentially expand production by building new fast breeder reactors, which also amassing tonnes of fissile material stocks in the so-called strategic reserves," he said.

"India remains the leading opponent of proposals to incorporate existing stockpiles in the scope of a treaty on fissile materials," he added.

Pakistan questioned India's claims, stating that its opposition to the inclusion of fissile materials, does not stock square with New Delhi's claimed support for the nuclear disarmament.

"Unlike India, Pakistan has not violated any of its international commitments of safeguards obligations in the development of its civil and military nuclear programme to this day," he highlighted.

The Pakistani delegate raised the issue of Kashmir, accusing India for blocking the people of Kashmir from their right to self-determination.

"For 75 years, India has suppressed the inalienable right of Kashmiris people to self-determination, a right enshrined in the UN Charter and endorsed by scores of international covenants and UN General Assembly resolutions.

"And yet with such atrocious record of defying international legality, India harbors ambitions of becoming a permanent member of UN Security Council," he added.

Pakistan also accused India for nourishing UN-designated terrorist organisations, including the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, and using them to spread unrest in Pakistan.


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