Delhi to have step by step guide to promote EV charging at shopping malls

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New Delhi, Feb 1

 Delhi will become the first state to have a step-by-step guide to promote charging of Electric Vehicles at shopping malls.

According to the Delhi government, the Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi (DDC) and the World Resources Institute (WRI), India will launch the 'EV Charging Guidebook for Shopping Malls in Delhi' to simplify and enable adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) charging in the parking space of shopping malls in the national capital on February 4.

The document guides shopping mall owners in understanding the importance of EV charging, assessing the scope for EV charging, details the processes involved for effective decision-making and sets out the way forward for the planning and implementation of EV charging stations in the parking areas of the malls.

The Delhi Government announced the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy in August 2020, with a vision to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the city and to make Delhi the EV Capital of India. The policy aims to improve Delhi's air quality by driving the transition to electric vehicles, so that they can reach 25 per cent of all new vehicle registrations by 2024.

The guidebook will be launched in the presence of Jasmine Shah, Vice-Chairperson, DDC Delhi, Amit Bhatt, Executive Director (Integrated Transport), WRI India and members of various shopping mall associations in Delhi.

"Studies show that on an average, a customer spends around 90 minutes inside a shopping mall in Delhi. This provides ample time for charging an electric vehicle. As the impact of coronavirus reduces, the shopping malls will rebound in traffic. Therefore, this will be the perfect time to include EV charging as part of the overall shopping experience. It can be a win-win for both mall developers and customers. While the customers can get their vehicle charged while shopping, the malls can get additional demand that will put them in a premium category," Amit Bhatt said.

To reduce vehicular pollution and work for a sustainable and green future, the Delhi government is working towards the transition to electric vehicles.

Between September and November 2021, EVs accounted for nine per cent of the vehicle sales in Delhi, while the national average was 1.6 per cent.


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