Budget will make India modern self reliant strong Fadnavis

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Panaji, Feb 1

 Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Tuesday that the new Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will lay the foundation for a modern, self-reliant and strong India.

Speaking to reporters in Panaji, Fadnavis also said that the budget would put India on the global digital map with its strong initiatives in the digital currency sector and use of improved technology for governance and popular benefit

"The budget is aimed at making India a modern, self-reliant and strong country," said Fadnavis, who is the Goa in-charge for the February 14 Assembly polls.

"It is an inclusive budget and one which will take the country on the path of development. The most important thing is that even after the pandemic, the budget has estimated growth of 9.2 per cent, which shows that India can become the fastest growing economy. This is proof of a self-reliant and strong India."

The Budget has given a boost to the digital ecosystem. India will be formally issuing its first digital currency.

"The business done through cryptocurrency will now be conducted with a digital rupee, which will put an end to underhand dealings. The concept of digital university will help a lot of people," Fadnavis said.

The senior BJP leader also said that the introduction of a 5G technology will reduce the geographical location difference between Indian villages and cities.

"The biggest advantage is that with this technology, is that the present 4G technology lag will be wiped out. The government will be able to provide healthcare to ensure that such facilities could reach the last person. The most important announcement is digital gateways will be available in cities as well as villages."

He also underlined the announcement of the allocation of Rs. 2.37 lakh crore to the farming sector as the biggest yet in the country's history.

"Rs 2.37 lakh crore has been earmarked for the farming sector. It is the biggest allocation in history. The budget has created a record with 1 lakh metric ton of paddy procurement. This budget is dedicated to farmers," the former Chief Minister said, lauding the Budget for the use of technology for crop mapping and efforts to make farming self-sustainable.

"Farmers should get market access and get the right price without any middleman. The budget has focussed on agri start-ups and increased investment in the farming sector, especially in irrigation, micro-irrigation, agricultural implements."

Fadnavis also said that the budget laid a lot of stress on indigenous production of defence equipment manufacture, which he said would result in job creation and saving of precious foreign exchange.

"The making of an Atmanirbhar Bharat is reflected in the defence sector, which otherwise relies on 80 to 90 per cent imports. Not only has the defence-related spending been increased, but 68 per cent spending has been allotted for domestic manufacturing. This will lead to new jobs, we will save foreign exchange too, while supplying defence equipment to the world."


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